Teaching STARS Project Overview



Teaching STARS

The Teaching STARS (Supporting Teachers’ Achievement through Rising Stars) project is funded by AB 212 and embedded within Ventura County Rising Stars QRIS. The goal of this project is to support early childhood educators working at state-funded programs by offering activities that promote teacher effectiveness, retention and degree attainment.




Teaching STARS provides targeted professional development to teachers and administrators at state-funded Rising Stars sites through the use of myTeachstone, an online system. myTeachstoneis built on strong research foundations to encourage teacher growth through online coaching that supports the transfer to practice through resources (e.g., videos and lessons) as well as frequent, virtual contact between coaches and teachers.

Eligible participants will receive an incentive for their successful completion of the project requirements at the conclusion of the program year.



Degree Completion Incentive

The Teaching STARS project encourages degree completion by offering incentives to early childhood educators at state-funded Rising Stars sites who complete an AS/AA or BS/BA degree during the program year.




For more information, please contact Sloane Burt, Operations Specialist at 805-437-1510 or sburt@vcoe.org.