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Resources for ParentsChoosing Child Care  

Choosing Quality Early Education and Child Care

Research tells us that children’s early brain growth presents a tremendous opportunity to lay a strong learning foundation before they start kindergarten.  And children who go to high-quality preschool do better in K-12.  To find a high-quality preschool in your community, focus your search in three areas – people, program and place. Here are a few of the things you should look for:

  • What kind of training and education do the teachers have?
  • Are the teachers and children engaged in conversations?
  • Can teachers tell you not only what they are doing, but why?
  • Does the program use a curriculum to guide learning?
  • How many children in the group?
  • Does the program welcome and involve families?
  • Does the space have separate learning centers (reading, art, dramatic play, writing, etc.) and a well-equipped playground?

The Child Care Resource & Referral Program is funded by the California Department of Education to provide FREE childcare referrals to all interested persons in Ventura County. 

Click here to visit the Resource & Referral Program web site.