Know anyone that needs child care during the COVID-19 crisis? 

The below programs are open and serving children of parents/caregivers that are deemed "essential workers" in Ventura County. Please connect directly with the provider to determine availability, cost, and license status; for more information child care access, please visit Child Development Resources and the MyChildCare Project.


For more information about licensing, search a provider number through Community Care Licensing.


Various Locations


Camarillo     Moorpark     Oak Park     Oxnard 


   Santa Paula    Simi Valley     Thousand Oaks     Ventura


Various locations


Boys and Girls Club of Conejo Valley

Nine locations (school-age only)

Main office: (818) 706-0905


Catalyst Kids (formerly CDI):

Various locations in Ventura County

* low cost/subsidized childcare is available at many locations. Ventura County sites are listed under "OX" (Oxnard) region.

Rachel Champagne


Channel Islands YMCA

Ventura and Camarillo locations (school-age only)




Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center

Camarillo, 93010

LIC: 566210412 

(805) 482-3411

Veronica Marin-White


KinderCare Learning Center - Camarillo

Camarillo, 93010

LIC (Infant): 566207886 

LIC (Preschool): 566207884

LIC (School Age): 566207885

(805) 445-8485

Jennifer Brewer


Lopez Family Child Care

Camarillo, 93012

LIC: 566212546

(805) 223-5334

Maria Lopez


Nanna's Daycare 


LIC: 566215789

(805) 433-1802 


Pacific Camps (Camarillo)

Camarillo, 93010
LIV: 566210362
(805) 482-5250


Promiseland Preschool
Camarillo, 93010
LIC: 566210154
(805) 482-5250


Ready Set Grow Child Care

Camarillo, 93010

LIC: 566215911

(559) 907-8764


Stephanie's Family Child Care & Preschool

Camarillo, 93010

LIC: 566214429

(805) 388-7659



KinderCare Learning Center - Moorpark 

Moorpark, 93021

LIC (Infant): 566205973 

LIC (Preschool): 566205972

LIC (School Age): 566205974

(805) 529-1093

Irina Artemyeva

Oak Park


Oak Park Montessori

Oak Park, 91377

LIC: 566215633

(818) 532-7006/ (818) 401-3006

Tammy Reed/Mary Gossett



Aguirre Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566215518

(805) 216-3699

Hilda Aguirre


Ayala Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566208939

(805) 844-0573

Paula Ayala


Bautista Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566214976

(805) 816-3371

Rosa Ruiz Bautista


Carousel Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566207119

(805) 815-4528

Maria Fernandez


Cervantes Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93035

LIC: 566212466

(805) 889-6979

Estela Cervantes


Cortez Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566211051

(805) 210-5669

Anita Cortez


Diana's Family Daycare

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566213598

(805) 485-7594

Maria Guerrero


Flores Family Daycare
Oxnard, 93035
LIC: 566207975
(805) 844-4784
Maria Flores


Garcia Family Daycare
Oxnard, 93030
LIC: 566207309
(805) 205-4916
Maggie Garcia


Grace Family Childcare

Oxnard, 93036

LIC: 566215871

(805) 366-9520

Salustia Garcia Clemente


Hernandez Family Childcare

Oxnard, 93036

LIC: 566215732 

(805) 479-7378

Karina Hernandez


Isaac and Friends Family Childcare

Oxnard, 93036

LIC: 566215549

(805) 307-4075

Monica Martinez


Ledezma Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566215940

(805) 407-5907

Irma Ledezma


Lopez Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93036

LIC: 566213467

(805) 814-4630

Norma Lopez


Lupian Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566215566

(805) 320-5389

Cleopatra Lupian


Magaña Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566215165

(805) 258-2399

Maricela Magaña


Martinez Family Child Care Center

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566208643

(805) 486-7462

Leonila Martinez


Mendoza Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566208824

(805) 986-4143

Maria Mendoza


Pacific Camps (Oxnard)
Oxnard, 93030
LIC: 566211800  
(805) 983-0215


Rivera Family Child Care
Oxnard, 93030
LIC: 566210452

(805) 702-8115
Liliana Rivera


Robles Family Child Care
Oxnard, 93033
LIC: 566209849
(805) 483-6471
Lilia Robles


Rodriguez Family Child Care
Oxnard, 93033
LIC: 566214306
(805) 290-8803
Cresencia Rodriguez


Ruiz Family Child Care
Oxnard, 93033
LIC: 566215760

(805) 766-3676

Mari Ruiz


Santacruz Family Daycare
Oxnard, 93033
LIC: 566207582
(805) 832-9384
Maria Guadalupe Santacruz


Tejeda Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93030

LIC: 566213731

(805) 809-5650

Manuela Tejeda


Villegas Family Childcare

Oxnard, 93033

LIC: 566213537

(805) 607-1489

Alma Villegas


Zavala's Family Child Care

Oxnard, 93036

LIC: 566211148

(805) 890-7814

Rocio Zavala


Santa Paula


Farm School (Vina Family Childcare)

Santa Paula/East Ventura, Ca

LIC: 566212033

(805) 921-1781

Mario & Anna Vina


Gonzales Family Childcare

Santa Paula, 93060

LIC: 566210412 

(805) 797-7697

Amanda Gonzales

Gonzales Family Daycare (Facebook)

Simi Valley


Aunty Ruth Family Child Care

Simi Valley, 93065

LIC: 566213991

(805) 501-1693 

Ruth Arias


Cottrell Family Child Care

Simi Valley, 93063

LIC: 566215471

(805) 210-5669

Susana Cottrell


Merritt Family Child Care

Simi Valley, 93063

LIC: 566215440

(805) 432-2843

Christine Tikotin


Reed Family Daycare
Simi Valley 93063
LIC: 566200424
(805) 584-6518
Mary Reed


Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergarten

Simi Valley, CA 93065

LIC: 566208929

(805) 526-1959

Thousand Oaks


Pacific Camps (Newbury Park)
Newbury Park, 91320
LIC: 566211853 
(850) 499-8676



Children “R” Us Elite Academy of Higher Learning

Ventura, 93004

serving children 24 months to 6 years

LIC# 566215163

(805) 647-5437

Mearia Tarver


The Little Tree Preschool
Ventura, 93001
LIC: 566214398


My Little Kids Daycare

Ventura, 93003

LIC: 566209542 

(805) 901-7862

Contact: Patrícia Angulo


Pacific Camps (Ventura)
Ventura 93003
LIC: 566213155  
(805) 654-0686


Sandoval Family Daycare
Ventura, 93001
LIC: 566207582
(805) 794-0716
Esther Sandoval 


Ulloa Family Childcare

Ventura, 93001

LIC: 566209742

(805) 245-4112

Juanita Ulloa


Are you a child care provider currently open and available to serve families of essential workers? If you are interested in being added to this list, please e-mail and send us:

  1. Name of Program
  2. City, Zip
  3. LIC# (sites will not be posted unless a license number is provided or are license exempt providers)
  4. Contact Phone Number
  5. Contact Name and Website (if applicable)


In accordance with the Ventura County Stay Well at Home order Item 7.e.xxi., essential business includes: "child care facilities providing services that enable employees exempted by this order to work as permitted. Childcare facilities must operate under the following mandatory conditions:
1. Childcare must be carried out in stable groups of 12 or fewer ('stable' means that the same 12 or fewer children are in the same group each day).
2. Children shall not change from one group to another.
3. If more than one group of children is cared for at one facility, each group shall be in a separate room. Groups shall not mix with each other.
4. Childcare providers shall remain solely with one group of children." 
The Item may be found on page 5 of the Stay Well at Home order found here.
DE ACUERDO CON LA ORDEN DEL FUNCIONARIO DE SALUD DEL CONDADO DE VENTURA - MEJOR QUÉDESE EN CASA - empresas esenciales incluyen "cuidado infantil: "Instalaciones de cuidado infantil que proporcionan servicios que permiten a los empleados exentos en esta Orden trabajar, según lo permitido. Las instalaciones de Cuidado Infantil deben operar bajo las siguientes condiciones obligatorias: 

1. El cuidado de niños debe llevarse a cabo en grupos estables de 12 niños o menos ("estable" significa que los mismos 12 niños o menos están en el mismo grupo todos los días). 

2. Los niños no deben cambiar de un grupo a otro. 

3. Si se cuida a más de un grupo de niños en una instalación, cada grupo estará en una habitación separada. Los grupos no se mezclarán entre sí.

4. Los proveedores de cuidado infantil permanecerán únicamente con un grupo de niños."


Para mas informacion sobre la Orden, lea la pagina 5 aqui.


The LPC will add information as it is received from local partners. This list is for informational purposes only and not intended as program endorsement. (Last addition on July 17, 2020)

Additional Resources


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California Department of Public Health: Coronavirus Updates

State of California: Coronavirus in California

CDE: Information and Resources Regarding COVID-19 and California's Response

Community Care Licensing: Stay Informed on Coronavirus Disesase (COVID-19)

County of Ventura: Coronavirus Information

VCOE: Coronavirus Information and Updates

World Health Organization: Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


Additional information may be found on the Ventura County LPC Newsletter